New Requirements for Condominium Managers

Currently, there are no minimum requirements in Ontario for providing condominium management services as a condominium manager or condominium management provider. However, during the recent review of the Condominium Act, 1998, the province was urged to set clear, mandatory standards to ensure a reasonable level of competence and integrity for condominium managers and condominium management providers.

In response to these recommendations, the government introduced the Protecting Condominium Owners Act which included a new Act, the  Condominium Management Services Act, 2015 (CMSA). According to the Ontario government website, the CMSA and associated regulations would provide for:

  • a compulsory licensing system for condominium managers and condominium management providers
  • training, education and other requirements for condominium management licences
  • a code of ethics for licensees
  • regulation of the conduct of licensees
  • the handling of complaints about condominium management services

The CMRAO will be responsible for administering the CMSA.


The General Regulation under the CMSA sets out some of the detail for regulating condominium management services.

  1. Licensing, and Transition
  • The licensing and transition aspects of the General Regulation address:
    • Two-stage licensing;
    • Application requirements;
    • Educational requirements;
    • Conditions of a licence;
    • Exemptions from licensing; and
  1. Regulation of Licensees
  • The remaining aspects of the proposed regulation address:
    • Content of licence;
    • Proof of licence;
    • Retention of business records;
    • Transfer of client condominium corporation records; and
    • Public information on licensees.