Condominium Management
Regulatory Authority of Ontario

Role of a Condominium Manager

Condominium corporations may hire a licensed condominium management provider for a variety of services. Condominium Management Services is defined under the Condominium Management Services Act, 2015, as:

  1. Collecting or holding contributions to the common expenses or other amounts levied by, or payable to, the corporation.
  2. Exercising delegated powers and duties of the corporation or its board of directors, including,
    • Making payments to third parties on behalf of the corporation;
    • Negotiating or entering into contracts on behalf of the corporation; or
    • Supervising employees or contractors hired or engaged by the corporation.

Some common examples of a condominium manager's responsibilities may include:

  • Collecting common expense fees
  • Keeping records for the condominium corporation
  • Responding to owner complaints
  • Ensuring maintenance and repair of the property
  • Hiring and monitoring service companies, and overseeing staff and contractors
  • Preparing draft annual budgets and overseeing the reserve fund
  • Implementing an emergency management plan and responding to emergencies
  • Preparing status certificates
  • Issuing meeting notices and reporting on the affairs of the corporation
  • Organizing board meetings and overseeing administration of all owners' meetings
  • Monitoring the corporation’s insurance
  • Preparing financial reports and arranging for audits
  • Advising the board of directors on compliance with the Condominium Act, 1998
  • Advising the board on its financial responsibilities (e.g., contributions to the reserve fund, long-term reserve fund planning)

For more information about condominium management services, please refer to our guide, Do I Need a Licence? Interpreting the Definition of Providing Condominium Management Services. The guide offers a more detailed list of examples and differentiates between management and administrative activities. Learn about how to become a condominium manager in an exciting sector that is continuously growing and evolving.