Condominium Management
Regulatory Authority of Ontario

Complaints Process

The CMRAO works in the public interest to build trust in condominium management services across Ontario. Handling complaints is an important part of public protection. The CMRAO takes complaints seriously by investigating instances when condominium managers or management provider businesses are alleged to have violated the Condominium Management Services Act, 2015 (CMSA) or its regulations.

The CMRAO is a digital-first organization with online services available to consumers and licensees. Anyone with a concern related to the conduct of a licensed condominium manager or management provider business can submit a complaint through the online complaints portal. The board of directors is responsible for filing any complaints on behalf of the condominium corporation. Complaints about other board members or board decisions are not within the jurisdiction of the CMRAO.

In many cases, the CMRAO encourages condominium boards to attempt to resolve matters of concern with their condominium manager or provider business prior to filing a formal complaint which may lead to a lengthy resolution process.

Learn more about the complaints process, the specific types of complaints that fall under the CMRAO’s jurisdiction or submit a complaint to the CMRAO using our online portal.