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Continuing Professional Education Requirements

Overview of the Program

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On November 1, 2021, the CMRAO introduced its mandatory education program for new applicants for a General Licence. As of July 1, 2023, the CMRAO's mandatory Continuing Professional Education (CPE) program is a requirement for the renewal of General Licences. All General Licence holders are required to complete the requirements of the program annually to maintain their licence.

The CPE program supports the CMRAO’s mandate to strengthen the condominium management profession and help protect consumers in Ontario’s complex and rapidly growing condominium sector. The program strengthens the condominium management profession by assisting licensed condominium managers to:

  • Maintain and improve professional competencies
  • Acquire new knowledge and skills
  • Stay up to date with legislation, best practices, and technology

Report your CPE activities through the CMRAO Portal.

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Program Components and Requirements

Starting with the 2023–24 licensing cycle (July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024), condominium managers who hold a General Licence are required to accumulate a minimum of ten (10) CPE credits annually from eligible educational/professional development activities. Managers who hold a General Licence are required to accumulate at least 1 CPE credit from 3 of the following 5 categories:

  1. Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  2. Physical Building
  3. Building Operations and Information
  4. Legal and Ethics
  5. Finance

For new General Licensees, the initial reporting period will start in the following licensing cycle. For example, if a person receives their General Licence in December 2023, their initial reporting period will start on July 1, 2024.

Eligible Activities

The CMRAO has published a list of activities that have been approved for the 2023-24 licensing year. The CMRAO will continuously update this list as new activities become available.

Learning experiences focus on the individual’s skills and knowledge needs, and involve sufficient technical or regulatory content and cover areas of functional and professional skills in line with the Competency Profile for Condominium Managers in Ontario developed by the CMRAO.

In June of each year, the CMRAO will publish a list of eligible CPE activities and associated credits on its website.


General Licensees are required to report completion of all CPE credits to the CMRAO through their user account on the CMRAO website.

Organizations offering the CPE activities are required to report or confirm to the CMRAO that a General Licensee has completed a CPE activity. These organizations are also required to provide the General Licensee with a confirmation of completion of a CPE activity.

The CMRAO will use reported information for the purposes of processing licence renewal applications.

Download How to Enter a Completed CPE Learning Activity into the Portal [523 KB]


Completion of the CPE program is a mandatory requirement for the annual renewal of a General Licence. Non-compliance with the CPE program will result in non-renewal and expiry of the licence.

An individual whose licence has expired will not be able to provide condominium management services and will be able to resume providing condominium management services only after they satisfy all of the licensing requirements, and their General Licence has been reinstated by the Registrar; this includes completion of the required number of CPE credits for the previous CPE period.

Fraudulent reporting

Any individual who fraudulently reports completion of CPE activities to the CMRAO will be subject to regulatory action, such as:

  • refusal to renew a licence
  • licence revocation
  • licence suspension

Reporting Period and Carryover Credits

CPE credits are to be completed during the one year prior to licence expiry. If a licensee completes more than 10 CPE credits within a licensing year, then the most recently completed credits will automatically carry over to the following licensing year, up to a maximum of 10 credits.

Potential Activities

The CMRAO has published a list of activities that have been approved for the 2023-24 licensing year.

The types of activities include:

  • Formal education (course offered through post-secondary institutions)
  • Industry conferences/seminars/webinars on topics related to or that have an impact on the condominium management industry1
  • Teaching a Condominium Management General Licence course, in-house or in an accredited college in Ontario
  • Teaching the CMRAO’s Excellence in Condominium Management course
  • Speaking at industry events on topics relevant to the duties and responsibilities of condominium managers
  • Training sessions (online or in person) and/or webinars offered by the CMRAO or other administrative authorities2 on topics relevant to the duties and responsibilities of condominium managers

1 For example, the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario, Canadian Condominium Institute, Community Associations Institute

2 For example, the Condominium Authority of Ontario, Tarion, Home Construction Regulatory Authority

Download CMRAO's Continuing Professional Education Framework

[PDF 1,010 KB]

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the CPE framework affect just General Licensees or Limited Licensees as well?

The CMRAO’s mandatory Continuing Professional Education program applies only to General Licensees at this time.

What is the anticipated cost to managers for the new requirements?

The cost to condominium managers will vary depending on the nature of the educational activities they attend. There is a combination of for-cost and cost-free activities.

How do licensed managers determine if a certain course qualifies for the CPE program?

Every year in the month of June, the CMRAO publishes a list on its website of educational activities that qualify for CPE credits. The list will also be updated throughout the year, providing new opportunities for condominium managers to complete their CPE credits.

What happens if no programs are available in my area; for example, how would condo managers from small Northern Ontario towns accumulate the necessary credits?

The list of eligible training activities includes courses and seminars that can be accessed online from anywhere in the province.

Can condo management provider firms host training for their employees that count towards the requirements?

If a management provider has a learning activity they would like considered as eligible for CPE credits, they must submit a detailed description of the course or seminar to the CMRAO for review and approval.

Are there any exams upon completion?

This will depend entirely on the actual learning activity. The CMRAO does not plan to administer any regulatory exams; however, different programs offered by post-secondary or associations may require some form of test or exam as part of their program.

How do I report my completed CPE credits?

General Licensees will be required to report completion of all CPE credits through their user account on the CMRAO website. The CMRAO will use reported information for the purposes of processing licence renewal applications.

Does the CPE program apply to the 2023 licence renewal process?

The CPE requirements go into effect on July 1, 2023, following the 2023–24 licence renewal period (July 1 – June 30), and therefore does not apply. General Licence holders have from July 1, 2023, to June 30, 2024, to complete 10 CPE credits.

Can credits carry forward from a previous year?

Yes. General Licensees can carry forward up to a maximum of 10 credits from one licensing year to the next. For example, if a General Licence holder completes 12 CPE credits within one licensing year, 2 credits will be applied to the next licensing year.

The intention of this program is to foster continuous professional education, so the expectation is that most credits will be earned annually.

Will the ACMO certificate courses count towards the CMRAO’s CPE requirements?

Yes, ACMO’s certificate courses have been approved for the 2023-24 CPE program.

Can we use the same courses for the CMRAO and ACMO?

The CMRAO and ACMO are distinct organizations with their own educational requirements. Each year, the CMRAO will publish a list of seminars and activities on the website that are acceptable for earning CPE credits.

If you attend CCI or ACMO conferences and are getting your RCM points every year, can we use the same points towards the CMRAO’s CPE program?

General Licensees may accumulate credits from the CMRAO’s list of eligible activities, which will be published on the CMRAO website.

The CMRAO is now providing a similar level of continuing education and condominium management governance, so do we still need to be an RCM through ACMO?

ACMO is the industry association for condominium mangers in Ontario. For any questions related to membership, please contact ACMO.