Condominium Management
Regulatory Authority of Ontario


Advisory Committee

The CMRAO’s Advisory Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors and provides direct input on issues of importance to consumers pertaining to the CMRAO’s mandate and activities. A report on the activities of the Committee is included in the CMRAO's Annual Report.

The Advisory Committee consists of licensed condominium managers, and others represent the broader condominium community. The Terms of Reference outlines the provisions under which the committee is formed and describes the purpose, objectives, membership and parameters of operation.


Chris Jaglowitz


Helen Ash
Juliet Atha
Anne Burgoon
Kathryn Cairns
David S. Crawford
Debbie Dale
Christine Dingemans
Carla Guthrie

Tania Haluk
Ashlee Henry
Raj Malik
Craig McMillan
Cara Moroney
Jim O’Neill
Michael Steele

Discipline Committee and Appeals Committee

The Discipline Committee and Appeals Committee support the CMRAO’s commitment to the public to address concerns about practice and conduct of condominium managers and management service provider companies. The CMRAO established the committees to hear and determine if a licensee has failed to comply with the Code of Ethics pursuant to section 58 of the CMSA.

Complaints received by the CMRAO could lead to disciplinary hearings. According to O. Reg 3/18 of the CMSA, these matters are expected to be heard by a panel of at least three people from the CMRAO Discipline Committee. Panel decisions can be appealed (by any party to a hearing) to the CMRAO Appeals Committee.

The Discipline Committee and the Appeals Committee are made up of appointees from the condominium sector (condominium managers, designated principal condominium managers, officers, or directors of a licensed condominium management company).

Decisions issued by the Committee are published on the CMRAO website.

Discipline Committee Chair

Daniela T. Corapi

Committee Members

A roster of individuals has been formed to hear the complaints or appeals that have been filed. At least one member of each committee formed for a hearing must never have been a licensee or a shareholder, employee, director or officer of a licensed or formerly licensed condominium management provider. The committee members are:

Allyson Ingham
Bob St. George
Bradley Wells
Dan Fried
Shane Haskell
Daniel Mousavi

Joanna Yu
Nadia Freeman
Frank Gallo
Andrea Korth
Aviva Harari