Condominium Management
Regulatory Authority of Ontario

Eligible Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Activities

In order to renew your General Licence in June 2024, you will be required to complete 10 CPE credits. After you complete an activity, you will be able to claim the credits through the reporting portal by logging into your CMRAO account. The reporting portal will become available in July 2023, after the first CPE activities have become available.

List of Pre-Approved Activities

The following is a list of educational activities that are pre-approved for the 2023–24 CPE program for General Licensees. Registration information will be listed when it becomes available. New activities will be added to this list throughout the year.

At the bottom of the page there are additional eligible activities related to post-secondary education, completion of director training modules, the teaching of relevant courses, and participation in conferences and other industry events.

Additional Activities

University and College Courses

If you are planning to complete a course at a college or university during the 2023-24 licensing year, contact the CMRAO to inquire about reporting this as part of your CPE credits. Be sure to inquire about eligibility before enrolling in any college or university course. College and university courses will qualify for CPE eligibility only if they align with the CMRAO competency profile.

CAO Director Training

The CMRAO will accept completion of the Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO) foundational and advanced director training modules. These modules are available free of charge online at any time. The completion of all modules within a CAO director training course is worth 1 CPE credit.

Teaching CMRAO Courses

If you teach the Excellence in Condominium Management, or any of the five condominium management courses offered through Humber College, you will receive credit for these activities. The CMRAO will contact these course instructors directly about claiming these credits.

Speaking at Industry Events

If you are leading a session or participating on a panel at an industry event on topics related to the duties and responsibilities of condominium managers, please contact the CMRAO to inquire about reporting this as part of your CPE credits. Be sure to inquire about eligibility of this activity before it takes place. Speaking at industry events will qualify for CPE eligibility only if the activity aligns with the CMRAO competency profile and has been pre-approved by the CMRAO.