Condominium Management
Regulatory Authority of Ontario


The CMRAO charges licensing fees in order to meet its consumer protection mandate, and to recover the regulatory costs associated with administering the CMSA. These costs include processing licence applications, enforcement and compliance activities (including inspections and investigations), handling complaints, discipline hearings and appeals, and public awareness activities.

The CMRAO has set the following fees.

One-time application fee

FeeService DescriptionAmount
One-time application feeAssessment of information within the application against the qualifications for different licences. This includes assessing educational criteria and work experience, checking references, validating criminal record checks, reviewing business/corporate information, and assessing qualities such as character and financial responsibility.$150 fee

Excellence in Condominium Management Course

Course registration feeTo qualify for a Limited a Licence, individuals must complete Excellence in Condominium Management, a mandatory online course and proctored online exam. This fee is the cost for the CMRAO to deliver the online course, instructor-led sessions, and proctored exam.$150 fee

Annual fees

Type of LicenceAmount
General Licence$590 per year
Transitional General Licence$590 per year
Limited Licence$368 per year
Condominium Management Provider LicenceBased on the size of the company, calculated as follows:
$799 + $340 per employed licensee

Submitting Applications and Making Payments

All applications are submitted online through the CMRAO’s website. Applicants must create a CMRAO account online and then follow the steps. They will be required to pay a non-refundable $150 application fee electronically using a credit card or Google Pay.

After their application has been reviewed and approved, the applicant will be emailed an approval notice and required to pay their annual fee. The CMRAO will not issue the licence until it has received the annual fee payment. If an application for a licence is not approved, no further charges will be due. The application fee is non-refundable.

Individuals who hold a General Licence, a Transitional General Licence or a Limited Licence will be required to pay the corresponding annual fee via their online CMRAO account using a credit card or Google Pay. Condominium management providers may pay their annual licensing fee online or by mailing a cheque to the CMRAO.


CMRAO Account

First-time applicants will be asked to set up a CMRAO account. It will be the responsibility of the licensee to keep this account up to date with their personal profile information that will be kept confidential. The Condominium Management Services Act, 2015 (CMSA) requires that all licensees, within 5 days of a change to information recorded in their CMRAO account, notify the registrar of a change in address for service and any commencement or termination of employment by a condo management firm or condo corporation. See Part Four of the CMSA and Sections 28–35 of the General Regulation for more information.

Log in to your CMRAO account to:

  • Pay your annual fee using a credit card or Google Pay
  • Update your phone number
  • Record your place of employment or update any change in your employment

To update your address for services, email, legal name and provide a name change, please send an email to and our staff will assist you. For a request to update legal names and licensed names, you will need to provide the necessary documents (for example: name change certificate, marriage certificate, copy of a legal identification card (ID), etc.). Please contact the CMRAO if you have any questions.


Calculating Fees for Condominium Management Providers

All licensed condominium management providers are required to pay an annual licensing fee of $799 plus $340 for each individual they employ who holds a General Licence, Transitional General Licence or Limited Licence, as of May 31 of the previous licensing year.

Calculating fees in this way allows the CMRAO to effectively assess the size and scope of condominium management services offered by a firm, and therefore the complexity of work that will be required to regulate the firm and its licensees.

The CMRAO will calculate the annual licensing fees for providers based on employment information reported by the providers and individual licensees as of May 31 of each year. The CMRAO will not process adjustments or refunds.

Condominium management providers are required to notify the CMRAO’s registrar within five days of the date of commencement or termination of the employment of every condominium manager that the provider employs and, in the case of termination of employment of a condominium manager, the reason for the termination. Condominium Management Providers should not wait until the renewal period to update this information.

In the case of new applications, the fee is calculated based on the number of licensed condominium managers employed by the provider at the time that the application is approved.


Expiration and Renewal

All licences expire unless they are renewed annually. The annual expiry date for all licences is June 30.

The CMRAO’s registrar accepts applications for renewal in June of each year. Licensees are required to log in to their CMRAO online account, complete their renewal application and pay their annual fee.


Proration of Annual Fees (New Licences)

Annual licensing fees for new licences are prorated based on the number of days remaining in the current licensing year, calculated from the date that the application is approved. In the case of new General Licence applications, the prorated annual fee also incorporates the annual fee paid by the applicant for the current licensing year when the applicant renewed their Limited Licence.

Limited Licence Example:

  • Frank’s Limited Licence application is approved on March 1
  • Number of days remaining in licensing year = 122 (March 1 to June 30)
  • Prorated Annual Licensing Fee = 122 x ($368/365) = $123.00

General Licence Example:

  • John renewed his Limited Licence during the month of June, paying the $368 annual fee
  • John applied for a General Licence on February 20
  • The General Licence application was approved on March 1
  • Number of days as Limited Licensee = 243 (July 1 to February 28)
  • Number of days as General Licensee = 122 (March 1 to June 30)
  • Prorated Annual Licensing Fee = (243 x [$368/365] + 122 x [$590/365]) - $368 = $74.20

After John pays the fee of $74.20, he will receive his General Licence. John will be required to renew his General Licence in June and pay the full annual licensing fee for a General Licence at that time.

Condominium Management Provider Example:

  • ABC Management Inc.’s application for a Condominium Management Provider licence is approved on March 1. The provider employs one licensed condominium manager.
  • Number of days remaining in licensing year = 122 (March 1 to June 30)
  • Prorated Annual Licensing Fee = 122 x ([$799 + $340 x 1]/365) = $380.71

All examples above assume a 365-day licensing year which runs from July 1 to June 30.