Condominium Management
Regulatory Authority of Ontario

Have Your Say: Guide the Direction of the Condo Management Profession in Ontario

The CMRAO is in the process of developing a set of competencies to describe the minimum competencies required to qualify for a General Licence. These competencies represent the knowledge, skill, judgment, and attitudes required to manage and protect a condominium corporation and its assets in accordance with applicable legislation. Once completed, this document may be used for several regulatory purposes, such as:

  • Academic program approval/recognition
  • Providing advice/guidance to licensees
  • Developing standards and policies
  • Informing matters related to professional conduct
  • Assessing applicants for entry and/or re-entry into the profession
  • Informing continuing education requirements

We are asking for your input to validate a proposed set of competencies for General Licensees.

Take the survey

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A draft version of the entire set of competencies is available here . All current CMRAO licence holders (General, Transitional General, Limited) can participate in this survey.
The survey should take approximately 30 minutes and can be done over several shorter sessions. Your answers will be kept strictly confidential and will be used for analysis and reporting. All responses are anonymous and no individual identifying information will be collected.
The closing date for the survey is September 26, 2019 . We encourage you to complete the survey and make sure your voice is heard while this important document is developed and finalized.