Condominium Management
Regulatory Authority of Ontario

Licence Renewal Period Begins June 1

Licence Renewal Period Begins June 1

60-Day Notification Alert for Condominium Managers

This is the first notice regarding the CMRAO’s upcoming licence renewal period. Your CMRAO Licence is set to expire in 60 days. The CMRAO will begin accepting applications and payments for licence renewals on June 1, 2019. The regular licensing year ends on June 30, but since this date falls on the weekend of a statutory holiday, all applications and payments must be submitted online by 11:59 p.m. on July 2, 2019 .   You will receive a reminder on May 31.

For now, here is some important information to help you prepare:

  • All renewal applications must be submitted online. You will need your username and password to log in to your CMRAO account. If you do not remember your username, please send an email to and staff will assist you. If you have forgotten your password, you can change it here.
  • As part of the renewal application, you will be asked a series of questions related to character and financial responsibility. To see examples of these questions, please visit the CMRAO website.

Licensed individuals and companies can continue providing condo management services as long as they submit their renewal applications by the deadline. CMRAO staff are available to assist and answer questions regarding the licence-renewal process.

60-Day Notification Alert for Condominium Management Companies

This is the first notice regarding the CMRAO’s upcoming licence renewal period. Your Condominium Management Provider Licence is set to expire in 60 days. The renewal process will begin on June 1. Although the renewal period runs for the month of June, because June 30 is a Sunday and July 1 is a statutory holiday, we will accept renewal applications up until July 2 at 11:59 p.m.

To submit the application for renewal, you will need to login to your CMRAO account. Once you are logged in, select “Associated Companies” and then select your company. Next, select “Company Licences” and then select the “Renew” button to begin your application for renewal. As part of the application, you will be required to answer questions about character and financial responsibility as they relate to the directors and officers of the corporation.

The annual licensing fee for condominium management provider companies is $799 + $327 per licensee employed by the company. For the 2019–20 licensing year, the fee for each company is set based on the information in our system as of 11:59 p.m. on May 31 . Condominium management provider companies may pay the fee electronically as part of the online application or by mailing a cheque to the following address:

Attention: CMRAO Financial Controller

P.O. Box 48087 RPO

Davisville Toronto,

ON M4S 3C6

Please note that the option to pay by cheque is for companies only. If you do not submit your application for renewal by the deadline, your licence will expire and the management provider company will no longer be able to provide condominium management services. Submitting the renewal application includes submitting the fee. If you intend to pay the fee for this company by cheque, please ensure that the cheque is sent prior to the deadline so that it arrives at our offices no later than July 2, 2019 .