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New Education Program for Condominium Managers

In 2017, the Minister of Government and Consumer Services designated the courses and challenge exams developed by the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (ACMO) as the education and examination requirements necessary for applicants to qualify for a General Licence. As outlined in regulation (O. Reg. 123/17), the authority for setting education and examination requirements will be transferred to the Registrar of the CMRAO on November 1, 2021. 

Over the last year, the CMRAO has prepared for this important transition by developing Ontario’s first competency profile for the condominium management profession, and by developing a roadmap and course curriculum that incorporates the identified competencies within the educational requirements. 

The new curriculum features six courses, the first of which is Excellence in Condominium Management. The new education program is another exciting step that further reinforces the professionalization of Ontario’s rapidly expanding condominium management sector. 

The curriculum roadmap and course blueprints are now available on the CMRAO website

Condominium Manager Education Webinar 

Join Ali Arlani, CEO and Registrar, and Sandy Vizely, Deputy Registrar, at 11 a.m. on Thursday, October 22, 2020, as they outline the new changes to condominium manager education and answer questions about the upcoming transition. 

Webinar attendees are encouraged to submit any questions they want answered during the webinar when they register. 

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New Licence Cards and New CMRAO Licence Designations

Condominium managers will soon receive their new licence cards at the address for service registered with the CMRAO. If you do not receive your new licence cards by November, please contact to update your address. 

The CMRAO is pleased to announce a set of designations that condominium managers may now use (the new licence cards will incorporate the appropriate designation). Although not required, you may choose to use the designation that reflects your CMRAO licence:  

  • Ontario Licensed Condominium Manager (OLCM) – for individuals with a General or Transitional General Licence 
  • Ontario Licensed Condominium Manager (OLCM–L) – for individuals with a Limited Licence 
  • Ontario Licensed Condominium Management Provider (OLCMP) – for businesses with a Condominium Management Provider Licence 

 If you do decide to incorporate a CMRAO designation, you must represent yourself accurately.

New Video Resources for Condominium Managers

The CMRAO will soon release a series of educational videos that explore the role of the condominium manager. The videos, which will be available on the CMRAO website on October 27, will help condominium managers better understand and meet their legal and ethical obligations. The videos will cover the following areas: 

  • Role of the Condo Manager: Procurement Best Practices 
  • Role of the Condo Manager: Responsibilities and Obligations 
  • Role of the Condo Manager: Records Management 
  • Role of the Condo Manager: Use of Proxies and Proxy Forms 
  • Role of the Condo Manager: Reporting Requirements 

Please visit the Resources section of the CMRAO website where the videos will be hosted starting on October 27.

Satisfaction Survey Results

Earlier this year we asked licensees and stakeholders what they thought about the CMRAO and our services. The results are in and available on the CMRAO website. 

Your feedback is important to us. Thanks to everyone who took the time to complete the survey. 

View Survey Report

Watch the survey highlights videos: