Condominium Management
Regulatory Authority of Ontario

Terms of Reference


  • The CMRAO Advisory Committee is established pursuant to Section 7.2 (4) of the CMRAO’s administrative agreement that requires the Board of Directors to establish an advisory process for direct input to the Board on issues of importance to consumers within one year of the date of designation.
  • The Advisory Committee is not a committee of the CMRAO Board. Members will be appointed by the Board based on established criteria and will serve on a voluntary basis.


The purpose of the CMRAO Advisory Committee is to provide input on issues of importance to consumers pertaining to the CMRAO’s mandate and activities.


  • Advise CMRAO on emerging issues in the condominium management sector and other topics that may influence the consumer experience with condo management services;
  • Provide feedback and recommendations on condo management regulatory issues including the development of CMRAO licencing policies and education policies, and education documents;
  • Provide informed feedback and recommendations for proposed changes to legislation and/or regulation;
  • Participate in consultations on other topics upon request


Members of the Advisory Committee will be selected province-wide from among the members of the condominium communities, including but not limited to: condo owners, directors, managers, condo lawyers, accountants that offer services to condo corporations etc

The CMRAO Advisory Committee will have 20 members of which 10 will be managers and 10 will be non-managers. No more than one (1) member may represent a single corporation or entity.

Terms of Service

  • Advisory Committee Members shall be appointed for two (2) year terms and may be reappointed at the discretion of the Board for a maximum of six (6) years.


  • The Advisory Committee shall meet at the request of the CMRAO Registrar or the CMRAO board of directors for feedback. Members can expect to meet a minimum of once per year.
  • Meetings will primarily be held at the CMRAO office in Toronto. Depending on the content, teleconferencing may be arranged for members unable to attend in person.
  • A quorum is not required to proceed with the meeting.
  • Committee recommendations will be arrived at by consensus where possible.
  • Meeting agendas and supporting material will be sent to the members at least three days in advance of the meeting date.
  • Draft minutes will be distributed approximately two (2) weeks after meeting.
  • The Advisory Committee may be asked for input through surveys or electronic meetings.


  • Advisory Committee positions are voluntary and unpaid; however, travel expenses will be paid to members traveling from outside the GTA for meetings.


  • The CMRAO may evaluate the Advisory Committee biennially to determine the Committee’s functionality and ability to meet its objectives.


  • Each Committee Member must maintain confidentiality of  all information received while serving as a member of the Advisory Committee.


  • A report on the activities of the Advisory Committee will be included in the CMRAO’s Annual Report.

Amendment, Modification of Terms

  • The Terms of Reference may be amended to respond to changing requirements (e.g. legislative changes), direction from the board and as recommended by the CMRAO Advisory Committee.