Condominium Management
Regulatory Authority of Ontario

Competency Profile for Condo Managers 2019

Effective November 1, 2021, the authority for setting education requirements will be transferred from the Minister of Government and Consumer Services to the Registrar of the CMRAO. 

In 2019, the CMRAO began its preparation for this transition and underwent a procurement process that selected Johnson & Johnson as the consultants to develop a competency profile that defines the condominium management profession in Ontario. 

The quality and comprehensiveness of the new competency profile can be attributed to the knowledge and efforts of the CMRAO Advisory Committee, and the group of subject matter experts (SMEs) that was established, which consisted of highly experienced condominium managers from across the province, as well as individuals who came from a teaching/training background. 

The competency profile is an important milestone for the province’s condominium management profession. Having said that, the profile is only a snapshot of the condominium management sector as things stand today and will need to be reviewed and updated periodically. Underpinning the entire process will be continual consultation and feedback from the rapidly expanding sector. 

The CMRAO has recently begun the next phase of the process to develop a course curriculum and blueprint based on the competency profile. This information will be released once the components are completed. 

The consultants noted that this was a particularly high rate of participation from the sector, and on behalf of the CMRAO I would like to thank all licensees who took the time to complete the survey for their engagement and support of this project. 

I look forward to discussing the competency profile and sharing the progress of the new project with licensees and stakeholders. 

Ali Arlani 
Chief Executive Officer and Registrar 

Download the Competency Profile for Condo Managers in Ontario.