Condominium Management
Regulatory Authority of Ontario

CMRAO’s Education Program Eligible for OSAP

CMRAO’s Education Program Eligible for OSAP

As the province’s condominium management sector expands and transforms, the CMRAO continues to fulfill its mandate by defining and evolving the education standards and requirements for condominium managers. In Ontario, condominium managers are professionals who must complete certain education and training requirements to effectively manage  the full range of their responsibilities and understand their legal and ethical obligations.

The CMRAO has partnered with Humber College to develop and deliver the Condominium Management Certificate program, a part-time program consisting of five courses:

  • Condominium Management – Law
  • Condominium Management – Relationship Building
  • Condominium Management – Building Operations and Maintenance
  • Condominium Management – Financials
  • Condominium Management – Operational Quality

Financial Assistance Available

Individuals enrolled in any of these courses can apply for financial assistance through the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). To be eligible for assistance through OSAP, learners must follow the application process and apply for funding for each course separately.

Upon completion of the OSAP-eligible Condominium Management Certificate program, graduates will be well equipped to begin their careers in a dynamic and in-demand profession.