Condominium Management
Regulatory Authority of Ontario

Can I Use the CMRAO Logo?

Can I Use the CMRAO Logo?

The CMRAO logo is a registered trademark and is protected by federal trademark laws that prohibit its use by others in Canada. We have received questions about whether or not people can use the CMRAO logo as part of their business practice.

Trademarked intellectual property can be used only if there is expressed permission given by the trademark owner. This means that use of the CMRAO logo must be authorized by the CMRAO. One example of trademark infringement would be if the CMRAO logo was used without the CMRAO’s knowledge and approval on a flyer that was not produced by the CMRAO. Another example would be using the CMRAO logo in a personal or corporate email signature. Although condominium managers and management companies are licensed by the CMRAO, they are not employed by the CMRAO, so using the CMRAO’s logo in this context is misleading.

To learn how you can promote your CMRAO licence without using the CMRAO logo, please see our blogs:

If you are interested in using the CMRAO logo, please contact for consultation and expressed permission.