Condominium Management
Regulatory Authority of Ontario

A Great Place to Work: Employment at the CMRAO

<strong>A Great Place to Work: Employment at the CMRAO</strong>

The CMRAO began operations in November 2017, and was established by the Government of Ontario under the Condominium Management Services Act, 2015 (CMSA). As a regulator, the CMRAO provides consumer protection for Ontarians living and investing in condominiums by regulating and licensing condominium managers and management provider businesses.

Since 2019, the CMRAO has been certified as a Great Place to Work™. This recognition identifies workplaces across the world where employees report exceptional workplace culture and experience.

At the core of our workplace culture are values of inclusion, equity, and diversity, as well as a focus on professional development at all levels. Since the CMRAO began operations, the organization has cultivated an environment that promotes, invests, and celebrates professional and personal growth for all its employees, regardless of tenure.

As an organization, the CMRAO is balanced and diverse, representing a range of cultural, gender, and generational perspectives that reflect society and help us advance consumer protection for Ontarians living and investing in condominiums.

The CMRAO has adopted a hybrid work environment, which gives staff the opportunity to operate from our modern midtown Toronto office and connect with colleagues in-person, as well as work remotely when they choose to.

That said, the CMRAO is not just about the work: we also know how to unwind, have fun, and celebrate personal and professional milestones.

Our employees, past and present, can best describe what it means to work at the CMRAO:

I am appreciative to have worked for an employer that not only recognizes but rewards hard work. The leadership team nurtured my talent and provided me with opportunities to grow. During my time with the CMRAO, I welcomed all feedback, tips, and tricks, and I wouldn’t have achieved what I had without the time others invested in me.

 – Former employee who started as an intern and grew into a senior role before leaving for an even more senior external position

As part of the CMRAO team, I play a role in improving the lives of Ontario residents. Armed with comprehensive resources, training, and mentorship, I am dedicated to addressing their concerns and making a meaningful difference. My interactions with the public and collaborative work with colleagues have not only supported my professional growth, but also enriched my experience in this rewarding position.

– Current employee with the CMRAO for over 5 years

Working at the CMRAO has been wonderful, with one of the most supportive teams I have ever worked with. We are always given opportunities to grow and to learn.

– Current employee with the CMRAO for over 3 years

The CMRAO is committed to building on our high-performing organizational culture. Our board and leadership team are committed to providing employment opportunities that are rewarding, and underscore professionalism, innovation, ethical behaviour, and operational excellence while delivering our mandate to protect Ontario’s condominium consumers.

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