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Representing Your CMRAO Licence

Representing Your CMRAO Licence

We receive many questions from licensees. Here is one that we see often.

“Has the CMRAO decided on a designation that you want licensed managers to use, for example, General Licensee, GL, or Licensed Condominium Manager?”

We love to see this question! Condominium managers want to show that they are professionals when they send out emails or present their business cards to contacts and clients.

The CMRAO is pleased to announce that we now have a set of designations that condominium managers can use. Although not required, you may choose to use the designation that reflects your CMRAO licence:

  • Ontario Licensed Condominium Manager (OLCM) – for individuals with a General or Transitional General Licence
  • Ontario Licensed Condominium Manager (OLCM–L) – for individuals with a Limited Licence
  • Ontario Licensed Condominium Management Provider (OLCMP) – for businesses with a Condominium Management Provider Licence

If you do decide to incorporate a CMRAO designation, you must represent yourself accurately. For example, Ania Watters holds a General Licence, which in an email signature could look something like this:

Ania Watters, OLCM
Condominium Management Company Name

Condominium managers are professionals who need a licence to provide their services as do many other professions in Ontario. Although not mandatory, you may choose to promote your licence, and all that is required is that you accurately represent the CMRAO licence that you hold.