Condominium Management
Regulatory Authority of Ontario

Message from the Chair: 5-Year Anniversary

Corporate anniversaries serve as reminders of the hard work and investment that have been made and are an opportunity to look back on achievements. Today, November 1, 2022, marks five years of operation for the CMRAO. I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on some of the progress that we have made, and the solid foundation we have built together as we look forward to what lies ahead.

Over the last five years, we have seen continuous growth in the number of licensed managers and provider businesses, growth that has surpassed all initial forecasts. The CMRAO has worked to elevate the condominium management profession and service providers now require a licence to provide their services, just as do other licensed professions in Ontario. The CMRAO promotes condominium management as a viable profession, full of rewarding opportunities for personal and professional growth to continue to attract new entrants.

As Ontario’s condominium industry continues to expand, now more than ever before, education is needed to ensure that managers are prepared for the challenges of this growth. Our new education program was built on the foundation of core competencies, identified by the sector, which managers need in order to perform their role as essential workers in an evolving marketplace.

Condominium management requires a mix of soft and technical skills, and our new education program reflects this. The title of our new mandatory first course, Excellence in Condominium Management, prepares learners for what they should expect in the role of condominium manager, and what the CMRAO expects from them as new licensees.

Later this month, the CMRAO will also unveil its new continuing education framework, further underscoring the value of continuous learning for this sector.

Handling complaints is a vital aspect of consumer protection, and the CMRAO has refined and implemented new processes and service standards that are fair and transparent for complainants, as well as for licensees.

The CMRAO has established a strong and effective regulatory presence that provides consumer protection for condominium owners. Enhanced consumer protection lies in the maturity of our education and compliance activities, which ensure that only qualified individuals and businesses can obtain and retain their licence to provide their services. Over the last five years, we have not only launched a strong foundation, but also grown continuously to enhance our programs and services.

Ontario’s condominium landscape is changing, and the condominium management sector must keep pace. Much has been accomplished, but there is more that can and will be done to protect condominium communities across the province. We could not have done this work alone and acknowledge the valuable role that industry associations and other stakeholders have played. Based on our first five years of working together we are prepared for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, with goals that can be accomplished only when we work collectively to elevate Ontario’s condominium management sector.

Aubrey Leblanc
Chair of the Board