Condominium Management
Regulatory Authority of Ontario

Message from the CEO/Registrar Regarding COVID-19

The Government of Ontario has declared an emergency under s 7.0.1 (1) of the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act. As I write this announcement, specific private and public establishments (including facilities providing indoor recreation programs, as well as cinemas and theatres) are legally required to close, and organized events of over fifty people are also prohibited.

The CMRAO has received questions from condominium managers concerned about how COVID-19 impacts condominiums and their role as managers, including the impact on holding board meetings and annual general meetings (AGMs), and the use of common elements.

As the situation is evolving, condominium managers are strongly encouraged to follow the up-to-date guidance given by the federal and provincial governments and public health authorities (links provided below).

The CMRAO understands that these are exceptional circumstances and that condominium communities in Ontario are doing their best to cope with the constantly evolving situation. We also understand that managers may feel pressure from boards and owners with regards to this situation.

Condominium managers are encouraged to discuss the situation with legal counsel and their boards. Condominium managers should recommend that the condominium have plans to ensure the continuity of basic operations throughout this period—this includes planning for situations where the condominium’s board loses the ability to meet quorum and govern the corporation as normal. Condominium managers should raise the issues ahead of time and flag the operational protocols and processes that need to be in place during this time period. In other words, licensees should act in the best interests of the condominium corporation and the health and safety of owners and residents while maintaining basic operations.

Although condominium corporations are required to hold an AGM within six months of the end of the fiscal year, it is possible that this requirement may conflict with other directions coming from different levels of government during these difficult times. I want to assure condominium managers that the CMRAO will be supportive of licensees when advising boards to abide by current government directions during the COVID-19 situation. In these circumstances, managers are, once again, encouraged to consult with their boards and legal counsel.

It is important that licensees are informed by regularly reviewing credible information. The following are reliable and credible resources with up-to-date information on the coronavirus in Canada, as well as best practices for protecting yourself and those around you:

Condo managers can continue to contact the CMRAO by email or phone and can access all our services online during this challenging time. The CMRAO will continue to follow the guidance of federal and provincial health authorities to ensure that we protect the health and welfare of our staff while continuing to protect Ontario’s condominium communities.

Ali Arlani
Chief Executive Officer & Registrar