Condominium Management
Regulatory Authority of Ontario

Licence Cards for the 2019–20 Licensing Year

Licence Cards for the 2019–20 Licensing Year

We receive many questions about whether licensees will receive a laminated licence card in the mail for the 2019–20 licensing year. 

The answer is yes. Just like last year, individuals with a General Licence, Transitional General Licence, or Limited Licence will receive a physical licence card in the mail. It will feature the same information as last year’s card, but with updated issue and expiry dates. 

It’s important to remember that licensees are required to always carry proof of licensure when providing condo management services, as outlined in section 28(1) if the General Regulation

Until the actual licence card arrives in the mail, you can print a wallet-size version of your licence, or save a digital version to a mobile device. The CMRAO has instructional videos available to help you print or save a digital copy. 

Learn how to print or save a version of your CMRAO licence here