Condominium Management
Regulatory Authority of Ontario

Promoting a Safe Workplace for Condominium Managers

Promoting a Safe Workplace for Condominium Managers

The CMRAO is aware of the increasing number of condominium managers and provider businesses that have experienced harassment or mistreatment from members of Ontario’s growing condominium community.

Condominium managers are essential service providers who, among many other responsibilities, oversee the operations of condominium corporations, making their role important and multifaceted. They are obligated to follow a code of ethics and ensure that the living environment and financial affairs of their clients are maintained and managed properly. Although managers may interact with many individuals, they report to and implement decisions made by the corporation through its Board of Directors, who are elected by their condominium community.

With that in mind, like any other employee in the workplace, it is expected that condominium managers and their staff are treated fairly so they can operate in an environment that is safe and free of harassment.

If there is an issue related to the conduct of a CMRAO licensee (either condominium manager or provider business), owners/directors can file a complaint with the CMRAO, which administers a fair and transparent complaints process. However, it is important that Ontario’s consumers living and investing in condominiums understand that:

  • not all complaints received are within the CMRAO’s jurisdiction
  • filing a complaint is a serious action that may have legal consequences for the licensee involved

Condominium managers work hard to ensure that their condominium community is livable and vibrant, essentially making a difference in people’s lives. Visit the Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO) website for more information about anti-harassment in condominiums, and view their Anti-Harassment Rule Sample, which helps corporations promote safe and harassment-free communities.