Condominium Management
Regulatory Authority of Ontario

Role of the CMRAO: Working in the Interest of Consumer Protection

Role of the CMRAO: Working in the Interest of Consumer Protection

The CMRAO was created to protect the public’s interest in Ontario’s rapidly growing condominium sector. Nearly 50% of the new homes being built in Ontario are condominium units, and they represent large investments as financial assets and as places where people make their homes. 

Condos are different from houses because they share common areas with other residents and must follow rules set by the condominium corporation. The management of condominiums is entrusted to professional managers. Owners need to have confidence that the professionals hired to manage their investments can do so competently and ethically, which is precisely why the CMRAO was created. 

The CMRAO’s role is to license and regulate the condo management sector—the individual managers and the management companies. We issue licences only to people and companies that meet specific standards of education, experience, character, and past conduct. The legal authority given to the CMRAO permit us to refuse, suspend, and revoke a licence or place conditions on it if the standards are not met. The CMRAO must also promote compliance with the ethical obligations set out in the Code of Ethics, which was developed and approved by the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (MGCS). 

Although the CMRAO works with condo managers and management companies to promote competent and ethical condo management, it has a duty to protect public interest. When high competence and ethical standards are met, the integrity of the sector is enhanced, and the profession is elevated. Our goal is public confidence in the people and companies that manage the important investments in Ontario condominiums.