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Status of the CMRAO’s Transitional General Licence

Status of the CMRAO’s Transitional General Licence

The CMRAO’s 2022–23 licence renewal has now come to an end. For this renewal cycle, Transitional General Licensees were not eligible to renew their licences. Transitional General Licences were a time-limited class of licence for condominium managers originally introduced in 2017. Under section 16 of Ontario Reg. 123/17, “a Transitional General Licensee may not apply for a renewal of the licence or reapply for the licence after May 31, 2022.”

The Transitional General Licence was established by the provincial government through legislation for experienced condominium managers who had not completed the education and examination requirements specified by the Minister for a General Licence. As outlined in the Condominium Management Services Act, 2015 (CMSA) if, prior to November 1, 2017, a licensee had more than two years of work experience as a condominium manager obtained within the previous five years but had not completed the educational or examination requirements for a General Licence, they could receive a Transitional General Licence, provided all other licensing requirements were met.

Of the 805 managers the CMRAO approved for a Transitional General Licence, the majority obtained a General Licence, many obtained a Limited Licence, and others allowed their licence to expire at some point between 2018 and 2022. There are currently 18 licensees who have been granted temporary extensions either as an accommodation under the Ontario Human Rights Code, or to allow the CMRAO additional time to finish the review of their General Licence application.

Status of Transitional General Licences

as at July 15, 2022

1 licence is on hold for medical leave or maternity leave

To assist Transitional General Licensees, the CMRAO offered a Request for Prior Learning (RPL) process, which involves assessing the credentials and qualifications of applicants who did not complete the recognized education requirements for a General Licence. To date, the CMRAO has received 90 applications through this process. This process has resulted in a number of Transitional General Licensees receiving partial or full recognition for their past training and experience.

RPL assessments involve a rigorous process to thoroughly evaluate each applicant’s relevant educational and employment experience. Applicants who were unsuccessful through the RPL process were directed to take the courses and exams as appropriate to be eligible to receive their General Licence. Unsuccessful RPL applicants who opted not to take any of the recognized courses or exams have been required to obtain a Limited Licence in order to continue providing condominium management services.

Condominium managers are professionals who need a licence to provide their services, like other professions in Ontario. They also need training to handle the full range of their responsibilities and understand their legal and ethical obligations. Part of successful regulation in the public interest involves ensuring that licensees meet a defined standard of education and the CMRAO ensures that licensees obtain the required experience and knowledge before they are eligible for a General Licence.