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The Importance of Continuing Professional Education for Condominium Managers

The Importance of Continuing Professional Education for Condominium Managers

In addition to all other requirements, General Licensees are required to successfully complete the educational and experiential prerequisites to hold a licence and provide their services to condominiums. As Ontario’s condominium industry grows and evolves, it is important that licensees remain up to date with important legislative changes and maintain the professional competencies necessary to support the growth of this expanding sector. Continuing education is an ongoing process of developing, maintaining, and documenting professional skills.

The CMRAO’s Continuing Professional Education (CPE) program is a combination of virtual and in-person activities that address different aspects of the condominium manager’s role. The program is designed to ensure access in terms of both cost and availability and provide condominium managers with supplementary learning activities they can engage in to acquire new skills and adapt to changes in the work environment.

Effective July 1, 2023, all condominium managers who hold a General Licence will be required to accumulate a minimum of 10 CPE credits annually from an approved list of educational and professional development activities. For new General Licensees, the initial reporting period will start in the following licensing cycle.

Competencies Expected of a General Licensee

There are three categories under which General Licensee competencies are thematically grouped:

  • Foundational – Professional condominium managers must have a strong foundation in building and maintaining relationships with stakeholders using effective communication strategies and critical thinking to enhance condominium communities.
  • Management – Professional condominium managers are responsible for the effective operations of the condominium corporation within the legal framework. They protect financial and physical assets to ensure the property is well managed.
  • Professional – As regulated professionals, Condominium Managers promote and protect the best interests of the condominium corporation while upholding ethical standards of behaviour. They are also committed to continuous professional development to ensure consumer protection.

Learning experiences selected for CPE credit are chosen with a focus on individual skill development and knowledge needs and involve sufficient technical or regulatory content.

Benefits of Continuing Professional Education

The CMRAO’s CPE program ensures that General Licensees:

  • maintain and improve professional competencies
  • acquire new knowledge and skills
  • stay up to date with legislation, best practices, and technology

There are additional eligible activities related to post-secondary education, including completion of the Condominium Authority of Ontario’s director training, the teaching of relevant courses, and participation in conferences and other industry events that may also qualify for CPE credit.

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