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The Importance of Record-Keeping for Condo Managers

The Importance of Record-Keeping for Condo Managers

The CMRAO receives a number of inquiries related to records management. Creating, maintaining, and accessing records is an essential function in any business or organization. Record-keeping is important, and in the condominium industry specifically, records enable accountability between condo managers and their clients, and between condo managers and the CMRAO. 

Condo corporations and licensees both need to demonstrate that legal and ethical obligations are met when audited or faced with a challenge, such as a complaint or legal concern. 

The role of licensees in relation to records management includes the following: 

  • creating and maintaining records (if contracted) on behalf of condo corporations
  • ensuring that the creation and maintenance of records complies with legal and ethical obligations 
  • supporting and guiding condo corporations to comply with legal requirements relating to record-keeping 
  • transferring condo corporation records needed for condo management 

The CMRAO has developed resources to help licensees better understand their role as it relates to records management. Learn more: 

Quick reference guide, Records Management for Condo Managers

Complete guide, Records Management for Condo Managers