Condominium Management
Regulatory Authority of Ontario

Use of Proxies and Proxy Forms

Use of Proxies and Proxy Forms

The CMRAO receives a number of questions from condo managers related to proxies and proxy forms. 

A proxy is a person who has been appointed to represent an owner or mortgagee at a condo-corporation meeting of owners. A valid proxy must be appointed using a proxy form now available on the Condominium Authority of Ontario website.

It is important for condo managers to understand the legislative requirements for the use of proxies and adhere to their ethical obligations when advising their clients.

A proxy form authorizes a proxy to act on the condo owner’s behalf and do one of the following:

  • Attend the meeting to count towards satisfying quorum
  • Attend the meeting and vote only on routine matters
  • Attend the meeting, nominate owners for director positions, and vote on matters subject to specific instructions in the completed proxy form

When handling proxy forms, condo mangers should remember their role as neutral administrators in the process.

The CMRAO has developed resources to help licensees better understand their role as it relates to the use of proxies. Learn more: 

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